Gatherings at Heartcentre by the Bay

Living Awareness Circle

Living Awareness Circle

This regular group is a wonderful source of inspiration offering Georgia’s heartcentering songs, meditation practice, practical teachings and inspired Poetry from Rumi and Hafiz. Includes spontaneous discussion in the Circle.


Every Tuesday

Living Awareness Circle

There is a wonderful rhythm that builds in this regular weekly gathering. It is like winding a clock that keeps us in tune with the Infinite for the rest of the week. The circle supports everyone to hold an intention to refresh and nourish one's inner life and spiritual practice.


Heartcentre by the Bay

Sunday gatherings are an inspiring morning offering Georgia’s heartcentering songs and meditation by Susan, followed by silence upon leaving.


Every Sunday


On Sundays we begin with live music from Georgia singing her inspiring songs to help you centre and attune, and to calm your mind and open your heart. Susan will then give a short guided meditation which will lead us into the Silence together. After the final bell you are welcome to leave quietly at 9am or stay on if you have any questions.

Days of Renewal

One Day Retreat

These Days of Renewal include Georgia’s soulful dulcimer and piano songs, gentle meditation, a teaching from Our Friend in Spirit, mystical poetry, group sharing and much joy.

Days of Renewal

Delight and refresh your inner life with a Day of Renewal. With music, meditation, a wonderful teaching from Our Friend in Spirit, mystical poetry, and inspiring sharing and responses from others – this is a day well spent. Nourishing on all levels.

A community Gathering

End of Year Retreat

This Retreat is a little different from the Seasonal Retreats in that we extend the times to relax together, swim, walk. We also will be reflecting on anything that needs to be released from the year and celebrate the joy of community and all we have learned from 2019.

End of Year Retreat – A Community Gathering

It is wonderful to finish the year with this opportunity to reflect upon what the year has brought into our lives – the gifts, the challenges, and the learning. This Retreat is a celebration of Community, and the abiding gift of sharing this path of love together, and expanding our consciousness of the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives.

Shared Dinner and Circle

New Year’s Eve Gathering

A wonderful way to share a deep and inspiring New Year’s Eve with songs, meditation, candle lighting, consciousness and love.

New Year’s Eve Gathering

You are welcome to join us for this evening to mark the end of the year and to unite in prayers of peace for this world. Delight and nourish your inner life with the sweet sounds of Georgia’s songs, with gentle meditation, group sharing, some inspiring mystical poems of Rumi and a special New Year teaching shared by Susan.  What a wonderful way to share and celebrate New Year’s Eve!


with Susan MacFarlane

Heartcentre Facilitator, Psychotherapist and Spiritual Mentor

Susan draws on over 30 years experience working as a Psychotherapist with individuals, couples and groups. She also provides insightful professional supervision, and spiritual mentoring.