Autumn Retreat

AUTUMN 2021: Friday to Sunday
DATE: April 16th – 18th
TIME: Friday 1.30 pm ~ Sunday 2.30 pm
Balance Between Being and Doing
$415   (Deposit: $100)

Our Friend says:
Most commonly life becomes out of balance through over-activity, through over-committing oneself to involvement in social relationships, in work effort, to the point where the inner life is given a back seat rather than always being in the driver’s seat.


When you are in alignment, when your mind and your feelings and your physical being and your Soul are all working as one energetic system, then you will feel the fullness of being one with the Divine Being. When any of those aspects of yourself are out of alignment then it is like mismatched cogs on a wheel. You cannot meet, you cannot merge with the Divine, because your mind is worrying about whatever it is that is out of balance. Or your body is so tired that you are needing rest before you can open yourself to a conscious state of unity. Or emotionally you are so distressed or frightened or angry or whatever the emotional lack of balance may be about, that you do not have the receptivity that you need.
When you are in alignment then your heart is open, your mind is open, and your body is relaxed and alive and energised. From that state of balance and well being it is a very simple step to merge with the One. That is the nature of the Divine – peace, love, joy, ease … balance.

Our Friend will guide us in exploring what we need to restore and maintain greater balance in our lives whatever the external or internal challenges we may be facing.



  • Georgia’s heartcentering songs and music
  • Inspired practical teachings on the integration of loving qualities into daily life
  • Meditation practice
  • Times for reflection and sharing
  • Rumi & Hafiz ~ Sufi Poetry
  • Heartcentering Movement
  • Responding to the need of the moment
  • Exploring the beauty of Jervis Bay


When you book in for a Retreat we will discuss the wonderful accommodation that is offered in two Community owned houses in Vincentia, each with beautiful rooms.
Georgia or Susan will give you the contact details so this can be organised for you.  The cost is $30 per night.
Depending on the numbers you should be able to have a room on your own with a shared bathroom.

RETREAT starting time 1.30 with afternoon tea at Heartcentre on the first day.
ARRIVE at your Homestay between 12.30 pm – 1.00 pm to unpack and set up your space.
You are welcome to have your prepared lunch there.
RETREAT finishing time: 2.30 pm on Sunday after lunch.
Cost of Seasonal Retreats: $415
Cost of Summer Extended Retreats: $540
Deposit: $100 to confirm your place. Deposit is non refundable / transferrable.
Concessions: Can be negotiated with Susan if you would otherwise miss out. You can also apply to receive financial assistance from Heartcentre’s Emerald Filled Pocket.
The cost includes the program – as well as two delicious homemade lunches and dinner on Friday night.
Saturday night dinner:  ‘bring your own ready-made’ and it is shared in a community house around the corner.


Please check with Heartcentre that there are spaces available in the Retreat you are interested in attending before you pay your deposit.  If there are spaces available your deposit will secure your place.

Please contact us to book.


If you are planning to come to a Heartcentre Retreat and you have special requirements with food eg allergies, strong dislikes, we are very happy to cater for your needs.
Please email to Georgia the list of foods you cannot eat so your needs can be taken into account when preparing the menus.

We both look forward to welcoming you to Heartcentre.
In peace and with love
Susan & Georgia