Emerald-Filled Pocket

Scholarships available for Retreats at Heartcentre. In remembrance of Kerry, her sister Helen and brother-in-law Carrick gave a monetary donation to Heartcentre to enable others to have the opportunity of participating in a Retreat at Heartcentre by the Bay. This is a beautiful gift of love for her sister and honours the central place Heartcentre held in Kerry’s life.

The Heartcentre Community is so inspired by the gift of generosity and the opportunity this donation provided, that we established a fund known as ‘Heartcentre’s Emerald-Filled Pocket’.  This provides the financial resources for someone to attend a Retreat at Heartcentre who would otherwise miss out because of financial hardship.

In order to access the Emerald-Filled Pocket, a potential retreatee will need to email or phone (privacy will be respected) with their request for financial support for this purpose. Depending on the request for part or full amount of the retreat, and providing there are sufficient funds at the time, a scholarship will be made available. If possible, other related expenses – travel and accommodation, will need to be met by the retreatee. We look forward to welcoming your requests, and if you feel inspired to make a donation to Heartcentre’s Emerald-Filled Pocket it will be deeply appreciated by many – thank you!

Seasonal Weekend Retreats at Heartcentre by the Bay

Located in the beautiful Vincentia, Jervis Bay, our seasonal, weekend retreats are held each year in January, May, July, and September.
Offering whole food cuisine, an incredible nature setting, meditation, music, poetry, group sharing and process – a wonderfully nourishing experience on all levels.