On a Path of Love
Everyone is welcome
Everyone is progressing
Everyone is teaching
And everyone is learning

Our philosophy is one of unity. We welcome people from all paths and lifestyles, celebrating the differences between us and honoring the unique gifts that each person has to offer this world.

Our ideal is to be of service to humanity through assisting people to live with passion, joy and congruence; through teaching how to receive and give love more deeply; through helping people find meaning and purpose in both the gifts and the challenges on their path.  And teaching people how to meditate and find that still point within where one can replenish and anchor oneself, and experience the pure peace and loving presence of the inner landscape.

Heartcentre’s spiritual work is focussed on the formlessness of truth and the development and awakening of the heart.  Heartcentre’s philosophy is enlightening.  We use a universal language which is free of dogma and is gender-inclusive.  We offer a broad selection of ideas and practices, and encourage people to only take to heart that which sits well within.

The integration of spiritual values is central to our philosophy: the continuous clearing and healing of one’s heart so that the qualities of love can not only fill our own being but flow into this world through acts of kindness, generosity, compassion, forgiveness, service and gratitude.  Rumi’s enlightening words: Our task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and clear, all the barriers within ourselves that we have build against Love Itself, expresses so perfectly the importance of the inner work necessary to keep ourselves as clear as possible as we travel this path of love with all its challenges and gifts and wonder.

In our groups and Retreats we draw deeply on Rumi and the Sufi poets. Sharing, studying and discussing the extraordinary depth, insight and meaning in the poems and teachings has great relevance on one’s spiritual path. Mystical poetry has a way of speaking directly to one’s soul and the truth is recognised not only through one’s mind but also through one’s direct experience of the transmission.  

Our experience is that as we create more peace and love within ourselves, we are more able to give and transform this world which is in need of our love; and that spiritual practice is a key to maintaining the inner balance and reserves required to be able to give our love in action.

When we absorb the teachings from the Wise Ones into the depths of our being, integrate them, and give birth to them through the expression of our passionate hearts in daily life, and in our service to humanity, the purpose of our lives is fulfilled.




Who we are

Georgia and Susan are the founders of Heartcentre which they established
in 1985.

They work as Holistic Psychotherapists and Educators, Spiritual Practitioners and Meditation Teachers with an emphasis on the healing, awakening, refinement and expression of the heart in all aspects of life.

Susan and Georgia work in informed, practical, supportive, and intuitive ways to enable people to realise their full potential.  They combine affirmation, challenge, education and personal mentoring in a relationship which holds warmth and respect.  They celebrate the sacredness of love within all life, and see the one divine stream flowing through all existence.

They have been practicing meditation and been students of Sufism since 1973 when they began studying the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan and the breadth of his universal philosophy of unity and love. They draw upon the sublime generosity of the Unseen for inspiration and guidance in their lives and work, as well as the universal hearts of Rumi, Kabir and the great Sufi Mystics. Andrew Harvey, mystic and sacred activist, offers a Retreat at Heartcentre each year and is a mentor and guide to Heartcentre both through his presence, and through his sublime translations of Rumi.

Georgia Carr
Georgia particularly brings to Heartcentre her wonderful creativity, her love of beauty, her insight and mentoring, her passion for cooking, and her heart-opening songs which touch and awaken the heart at the deepest level.

Susan MacFarlane
Susan particularly brings to Heartcentre her depth and breadth of experience, her light-hearted sense of humor, her devotion, her passion for Sufi poetry, and her mystical connection with the unseen vibration of Our Friend in Spirit and Rumi.

Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

What we offer ~ including scholarships

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Everything offered at Heartcentre is to assist you on your healing journey towards wholeness and to help you live with greater wisdom and consciousness so you can add your particular note of love, compassion and peace to this world more freely.

♦ Mentoring, Counselling and Professional Supervision
   ~ with Susan

Susan draws on over 30 years experience working as a Psychotherapist with individuals, couples and groups. She also provides insightful professional supervision, and spiritual mentoring.

 ♦ Weekly Tuesday Evening Circle
   ~ Music, Meditation and Practical Spiritual with Susan & Georgia

Meeting regularly provides a wonderful continuity of support and inspiration.  Having the opportunity to receive through the divine music shared, to learn and practice meditation, to unravel the mystery of life together, and to deepen one’s capacity to love yourself and others more deeply – are some of the gifts that flow through the circle.

♦ Heartcentering Music
~ Georgia shares her original songs with dulcimer & voice and piano & voice

Georgia’s songs are from the heart and inspire a deep opening and rejoicing in the power and beauty of love. Many of her songs offer the experience of deep spiritual practice. She has recently recorded songs she has written to the words of Rumi which are utterly transporting, lifting you into another realm.

♦ Seasonal Retreats at Heartcentre by the Bay
~ with Georgia & Susan
Extended retreats allow time to draw in, be inspired, share with others, sing, meditate and move into the depth of your inner being and into the vast expanses of Universal Consciousness. There is always an opportunity to explore, ask questions and receive guidance.


   ~ Scholarships available for Retreats at Heartcentre

“Old Sweet Beggar – all I want to do is keep emptying my emerald-filled pockets upon this tear-stained world” Hafiz ~ from ‘The Subject Tonight is Love’ by Daniel Ladinsky.

Recently, in remembrance of Kerry, her sister Helen and brother-in-law Carrick gave a monetary donation to Heartcentre to enable others to have the opportunity of participating in a Retreat at Heartcentre by the Bay. This is a beautiful gift of love for her sister and honours the central place Heartcentre held in Kerry’s life.

The Heartcentre Community is so inspired by the gift of generosity and the opportunity this donation provides, that an ongoing fund, to be known as ‘Heartcentre’s Emerald-Filled Pocket’ has been set up so that other donations can be made. This Emerald-Filled Pocket will provide, as appropriate, the financial resources for someone to attend a Retreat at Heartcentre who would otherwise miss out because of financial hardship.

In order to access the Emerald-Filled Pocket a potential retreatee will need to email or phone (privacy will be respected) with their request for financial support for this purpose. Depending on the request for part or full amount of the retreat fees and providing there are sufficient funds at the time, a scholarship will be made available.  If possible, other related expenses – travel and accommodation, will need to be met by the retreatee.

We look forward to welcoming your requests, and if you feel inspired to make a donation to Heartcentre’s Emerald-Filled Pocket it will be deeply appreciated by many – thank you!

♦ Email: 


What we offer

Love in action

Community Love in Action.  Those who come to Heartcentre regularly, contribute to the annual cost of supporting a foster child in Indonesia.  We honour and celebrate birthdays through giving in this way.  We also contribute to supporting women in Afghanistan through Mahboba’s Promise.  The sewing machine program educates women in small business, training them and providing them with their own sewing machine so they can then support themselves and their families.

Fulfilment of the latest project.  Hearty congratulations to all the Friends of Heartcentre who have made contributions funding Georgia’s latest CD recording ‘In The Garden of Flames’.  We have been fundraising for over two years and through our united efforts this has now culminated in the recording of Georgia’s double album which she and Susan have been working on consistently over the past several months.  The launch is on 13 June this year in Berry with Andrew Harvey.  Andrew has given Georgia his blessing to record many of his brilliant translations of Rumi included in these 2 CD’s, an extraordinary and very generous gesture.  Now completed it is a huge achievement fulfilled, and the songs are truly a gift to this world.

Supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees.  $10 from every sale of this CD will be donated by Heartcentre to supporting Refugees, particularly through the House of Welcome.  To see their amazing work go to their website:

Ongoing Love in Action.  We plan to promote the CD ‘In the Garden of Flames’ and encourage you to join us in supporting the cause by purchasing this extraordinary music and telling others about this Love in Action project.


Love in action

When you celebrate the beauty and splendour of the earth, the waters and the sky, in reality you are celebrating the manifestation of Spirit