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Georgia is an Australian singer, songwriter and recording artist. She sings of love and spirit in the Sufi mystical tradition which uses poetry in music to inspire, guide, heal and illuminate, and which helps to create a pathway to the heart.  Georgia accompanies herself with Dulcimer or Piano.  On her CDs she is joined by other musicians who add some magnificent touches to her songs.

Georgia founded Heartcentering Music with the purpose of sharing her uplifting music and songs which are beautiful, harmonious, meaningful, and which celebrate life’s amazing journey.  Her songs range from celebratory to meditative.  When Georgia shares her music in groups or concerts she usually includes a selection of songs which people also enjoy singing with her.  There is something very powerful about sharing sacred music with others and Georgia is deeply aware of what a privilege it is to sing from heart to heart.


Georgia’s spiritual practice of expressing her devotion to the One through her songs and music has been deepening steadily over many decades.  This collection of songs is a culmination of the profound transformation that Georgia has been through in her life, and she invites the listener to share in this alchemical process of transforming everything with love into Love.  It is a joy to hear how Georgia has embellished so many of my translations of Rumi and other great mystics with her glorious music and her sweet and pure voice. 

~ Andrew Harvey is a prolific and internationally acclaimed author, mystical scholar and spiritual activist whose brilliance, love and passion stir one’s life into conscious action.

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If you love uplifting music that speaks directly to your heart you will thoroughly enjoy Georgia’s original and heart-opening songs. Here are the 7 albums Georgia has recorded of her spiritually awakening songs.

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Joy is natural to one’s inner being. It is as natural as peace and love. And one opens oneself to the experience of joy through opening the heart and revealing the intrinsic nature and vibration of one’s inner being