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Heartcentre by the Bay Seasonal Retreats
~ Dates and Themes for 2019 ~

All Retreats at Heartcentre include Georgia’s singing and music, meditation practice, Rumi Poetry, teaching from Our Friend in Spirit, sharing inner process around the circle, silence, Heartcentering Movement and being in nature – beach walks or swimming in the Bay.


DATE: Friday to Sunday November 23  24  25     
THEME:  Empowering Yourself, Empowering your Spirit
COST:  $415.  Deposit: $100  fully booked

‘It all boils down to empowering yourself
to choose the quality of your being
to choose to be your true self
to choose to be nearer to the vibration of love
to choose to be centring in that vibration
of love and light and to be making that
your expression in this world’

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SUMMER 2019 ~ Extended retreat.  Thursday to Sunday
 24 25 26 27
TIME: Thursday 1.30pm ~ Sunday 2.30pm
THEME: Birth Life Death Infinity
COST: $540   Deposit: $100

When you look at life and death it is like looking at day and night.  You think the day has gone because the sun has set.  You think that the life of this day has passed, but you could follow the energy of the sun and you would have an endless day’   Our Friend in Spirit

One of principle spiritual practices is to focus on the breath – the breath being the conduit of energy from the seen to the unseen world.  The breath is more than a physiological process, it is a spiritual exchange that bring in the life-force.  This life-force is the beam of continuity and the life-force cannot be extinguished. 

In this Retreat we will be exploring the continuity of Creation, the different stages of the journey each of which deserves to be celebrated in its own way. 

Our Friend will bring her light of wisdom to this profound and complex subject and offer ways to embrace every stage of life and how to prepare for our own transition from this world whilst living life to its fullest. 

AUTUMN 2019 Friday to Sunday
MAY 3 4 5
TIME: Thursday 1.30pm ~ Sunday 2.30pm
THEME:  The Sublime Art of Gathering In
COST: $415   Deposit: $100

‘In mystical life, gathering-in is prayer and silent contemplation, adoration, and thanksgiving; giving is the performing of acts of love and justice in the world’ Rumi

For most of us our giving channel is more developed than our receiving channel.  Yet Rumi speaks of the sublime art of gathering-in, this elevation of receptivity shows us how important it is for us to be filled with sacred energy so we can be generous with our love in this world.

We need to become familiar with how it feels to open our receptivity, to fill up with the vibration of spirit, and how to notice when we have been giving out when it is time to gather-in once more.  Rumi says: Breathe in through worship the majestic peace, bliss, and strength of the Most High; breathe out in loving and just action the power that has been bestowed on you by the Beloved.

Our Friend will guide us in practices to help us experience the beauty of receptivity and how deeply nourishing it is, and she will give an inspiring discourse on this sublime teaching from Rumi.

WINTER 2019 Friday to Sunday
JULY 19 20 21
TIME: Friday 1.30pm ~ Sunday 2.30pm
THEME: Be Silent, for in Silence there is neither fear nor hope, nor gain nor loss’
COST: $415   Deposit: $100

There is a voice that doesn’t use words.  Listen to that as your personal self breaks open.  For one day try not speaking’  Rumi

‘Let me grow quietly in Thy Garden as a speechless plant, that some day my flowers and fruits may sing the legend of my silent past’
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Rumi says: Taste the silence in the oil of the nut.  That sweet joy is the reason we bother with walnut rattling words at all. Hear the ecstatic quietness inside poetry and discourses on Mystery. 

There is a key to surrendering into the silence, and firstly we need to learn how to quieten our minds in order to open our hearts to the sound and fragrance of silence. 

Our Friend will teach us about how to settle into the spaciousness of silence, how to feel held, and how to connect with the inner friend and feel the joy of Presence.

SPRING 2019 Friday to Sunday
SEPTEMBER 20 21 22
TIME: Friday 1.30pm ~ Sunday 2.30pm
THEME: Drawing on the Strength and Inspiration of Spirit
COST: $415   Deposit: $100

Saadi says: In this world you never stand by your own strength; it is the Invisible that sustains you every moment’ 

Spring is a time of renewal and a wonderful reminder of the creative strength beneath the surface.  It is this vital spiritual energy which we need to return to as our source of courage and wisdom.  

There is a level of surrender that is needed, an acknowledgment of where our strength truly comes from, and this requires humility, and also a shift from the limited ego self who believes that it is the source of everything!

Our Friend will offer her wisdom and guidance on what a beautiful experience it is to be conscious of how the Invisible is sustaining us. It is actually a great relief, a great equaliser – it brings balance and harmony when the ego works in cooperation with spirit.

END OF YEAR 2019 Friday to Sunday 
NOVEMBER 22 23 24
TIME: Friday 1.30pm ~ Sunday 2.30pm
THEME: The Joy of Being Together
COST: $415   Deposit: $100

Rumi says: Oh my heart friends, taste deep of Eternal Joy!  Like flowers and grasses, bow your lips to the stream’  

This Retreat is a little different from the Seasonal Retreats in that we extend the times to relax together, swim, walk. We also will be reflecting on anything that needs to be released from the year and celebrate the joy of community and all we have learned from 2019. 

Our Friend will offer a teaching on these words from Rumi:  If we are not together in the heart, what is the point? 

She will also remind us of the beauty of celebration and the gratitude it invites in us so that we can be true joy-bringers in this world.


Georgia’s heartcentering songs and music
Inspired practical teachings on the integration of loving qualities into daily life
Meditation practice
Times for reflection and sharing
Rumi & Hafiz ~ Sufi Poetry
Heartcentering Movement
Responding to the need of the moment
Exploring the beauty of Jervis Bay

When you book in for a Retreat we will discuss the wonderful accommodation that is offered in two Community owned houses in Vincentia, each with beautiful rooms.
Georgia or Susan will give you the contact details so this can be organised for you.  The cost is $30 per night.
Depending on the numbers you should be able to have a room on your own with a shared bathroom.

RETREAT starting time 1.30 with afternoon tea at Heartcentre on the first day.
ARRIVE at your Homestay between 12.30pm – 1.00pm to unpack and set up your space.
You are welcome to have your prepared lunch there.

RETREAT finishing time: 2.30pm on Sunday after lunch.

Cost of Seasonal Retreats: $415
Cost of Summer Extended Retreats: $540
Deposit: $100 to confirm your place. Deposit is non refundable / transferrable.
Concessions: Can be negotiated with Susan if you would otherwise miss out. You can also apply to receive financial assistance from Heartcentre’s Emerald Filled Pocket.
The cost includes the program – as well as two delicious homemade lunches and dinner on Friday night. 

Saturday night dinner:  ‘bring your own ready made’ and it is shared in a community house around the corner.

Many people have already told us which Retreats they want to book in to for 2019.  

Please check with Heartcentre that there are spaces available in the Retreat you are interested in attending before you pay your deposit.  If there are spaces available your deposit will secure your place.


If you are planning to come to a Heartcentre Retreat and you have special requirements with food eg allergies, strong dislikes, we are very happy to cater for your needs.  

Please email to Georgia the list of foods you cannot eat so your needs can be taken into account when preparing the menus. 

We both look forward to welcoming you to Heartcentre in 2019.
In peace and with love
Susan & Georgia

Heartcentre by the Bay 267 Elizabeth Drive Vincentia NSW 2540
Email: heartcentre@bigpond.com
Phone: 4441 7663

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 ♪♫  ♪♫♬♪  ♪♫♬♪  ♪♫♬♪  ♪♫♬♪  ♪♫♬♪  ♪♫♬♪  ♬♪  ♪♫ 


On a Path of Love
Everyone is welcome
Everyone is progressing
Everyone is teaching
And everyone is learning

Time:  4.00 pm – 5.45 pm
Where:  Heartcentre in Vincentia
Contribution:  $20.  Concession $15
Arrival time:  10 minutes before we start.

Regular support and time for meditation practice with divine music and inspirational poetry from Rumi and teachings from Heartcentre.

This regular group is a wonderful source of inspiration offering Georgia’s heartcentering songs, meditation practice, practical teachings and inspired Poetry from Rumi and Hafez.   You also have the opportunity to share your personal journey – the challenges and the blessings.

It is a study group that provides a safe and sacred space to learn and practice meditation and receive invaluable support in helping you integrate the qualities of love into everyday life.  It will also assist you to maintain a rhythm in your spiritual life and practice, and in living with even greater integrity, balance and love.

If you are interested please feel free to phone so you can ask questions and discuss the possibility with either Susan or Georgia.

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Wake up with the morning breeze, and ask for a change.
Open and fill yourself with the wine that is your life.

♥ DATE:  20 October 2018
♥ TIME:  9.30am – 4.30pm 
♥ WHERE:  Heartcentre by the Bay ~ Vincentia
♥ COST:  $100
♥ LUNCH: Included.  Please let Georgia know if you have any particular dietary needs.

The day will include Georgia’s soulful dulcimer and piano songs, gentle meditations, a teaching from Our Friend in Spirit, mystical poetry, group sharing and much joy.

There are limited numbers so you will need to book, and also so we can set up the space for everyone.
Phone or email to book your place.
Telephone: 02 4441 7663
Mobile: 0414 660 085
Email: georgia@heartcentre.com.au

 ♪♫  ♪♫♬♪  ♪♫♬♪  ♪♫♬♪  ♪♫♬♪  ♪♫♬♪  ♪♫♬♪  ♬♪  ♪♫ 

A beautiful mantra is: I am perceiving my world through the eyes of my heart.