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Heartcentre by the Bay Seasonal Retreats
~ Dates and Themes for 2018 ~

All Retreats at Heartcentre include Georgia’s singing and music, meditation practice, Rumi Poetry, teaching from Our Friend in Spirit, sharing inner process around the circle, silence, Heartcentering Movement and being in nature – beach walks or swimming in the Bay.

 SUMMER 2018 ~ Extended Retreat.  Thursday to Sunday
   January 25  26  27  28   THEME:  Journey to the Depths
Cost: $540.  Deposit: $100  
FULL waiting list only

The journey of life
is the unfolding into deeper levels of unconditional love,
and the many different qualities of love you experience
are the paths that you take on this journey

The greatest journey we embark on in this life is the journey into the depths of love, from our minds into our hearts.  We will be diving into the ocean of wisdom, of inner knowing, and of awakening – awakening to the deep, unfathomable truth of who we are.  We will explore the qualities of love we need for our particular path at this time.

Our Friend in Spirit, who dwells in a golden sphere of light, will illuminate this theme encouraging us to surrender even more deeply into the depths of unconditional love, where the journey itself becomes guided by the wisdom of spirit.

 AUTUMN 2018  ~  Friday to Sunday.  May 4  5  6    
   THEME:  Opening the Gifts from Rumi and Hafiz
Cost:  $415.  Deposit: $100

‘Any cup I hold fills with wine that lovers drink.
Every word I say opens into Mystery.
Any way I turn I see brilliance’     Rumi

No-one has ever sat with Hafiz and not left for the better.
 can read my poems out loud in a tender loving voice
and not narrow the difference, narrow the gap
between you and God’     Hafiz

On this Retreat will have the opportunity to drink from the great wisdom of Rumi and Hafiz, to explore the many layers of meaning hidden within their magnificent poetry.  Having studied their mystical teachings for many decades we are aware that they each offer many different facets of the universal diamond of love.  It is breathtaking to be in their atmosphere and receive the infinite gifts of wisdom they offer.

This Retreat will be filled the poems of Rumi and Hafiz.  Our Friend will offer commentary into the deeper meanings, and her practical perspective on how to truly integrate their sublime wisdom into our daily lives.

♥ WINTER 2018 ~ Friday – Sunday July 20  21  22     
THEME:  Living, Learning, Letting Go
Cost:  $415.  Deposit: $100

‘The goal of the process of letting go
is to embrace who you are more fully
so you can express your true self more fully
so that you can be of service in this world
more powerfully’

Details will be posted shortly.

♥ SPRING 2018  ~  Friday to Sunday.  September  21  22  23    
   THEME:  Deep Listening,  Deep Forgiveness.
Cost:  $415.  Deposit: $100

Bless your sweet self
with the kind touch of forgiveness.
Open your heart and embrace your limited self.
Embrace your limitations so that all of you
is held in the arms of love

Details will be posted shortly.

 END OF YEAR 2018  ~  Friday to Sunday November 23  24  25     
   THEME:  Empowering Yourself, Empowering your Spirit
Cost:  $415.  Deposit: $100

‘It all boils down to empowering yourself
to choose the quality of your being
to choose to be your true self
to choose to be nearer to the vibration of love
to choose to be centring in that vibration
of love and light and to be making that
your expression in this world’

Details will be posted shortly.

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Starting time with lunch on Friday is 12.30pm arriving between 11.45am – 12.15pm.
Finishing at 2.30pm on Sunday after lunch.

* Cost for three day:  $415      *Cost for January four day:  $540
Deposit:  $100 to confirm your place.  Deposit is non refundable / transferrable.
Concessions:  Can be negotiated with Susan if you would otherwise miss out. You can also apply to receive financial assistance from Heartcentre’s EMERALD FILLED POCKET.  For details on our website go to ‘ABOUT’ and then ‘WHAT WE OFFER’.

The cost includes the program – as outlined below, as well as three delicious homemade lunches (special dietary needs taken into account) morning and afternoon teas, and dinner on Friday night only.

Program includes
Georgia’s heartcentering songs and music
Inspired practical teachings on the integration of loving qualities into daily life
Meditation practice
Times for reflection and sharing
Rumi & Hafiz ~ Sufi Poetry
Heartcentering Movement
Responding to the need of the moment
Exploring the beauty of Jervis Bay

When you book in for a Retreat we will discuss the wonderful accommodation that is offered in two Community owned houses in Vincentia, each with beautiful rooms.  Georgia or Susan will give you the contact details so this can be organised for you.  The cost is $30 per night.
Depending on the numbers you should be able to have a room on your own with a shared bathroom.

When you book in it is really important to let us know if there are any foods you do not like or cannot eat. Georgia and Susan are very happy to plan the menu accordingly.

We always provide plenty of vegetarian food as well as some chicken dishes but please also mention if you are vegetarian or vegan ~ thank you.

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On a Path of Love
Everyone is welcome
Everyone is progressing
Everyone is teaching
And everyone is learning

Time:  4.00 pm – 5.45 pm
Where:  Heartcentre in Vincentia
Contribution:  $20.  Concession $15
Arrival time:  10 minutes before we start.

Regular support and time for meditation practice with divine music and inspirational poetry from Rumi and teachings from Heartcentre.

This regular group is a wonderful source of inspiration offering Georgia’s heartcentering songs, meditation practice, practical teachings and inspired Poetry from Rumi and Hafez.   You also have the opportunity to share your personal journey – the challenges and the blessings.

It is a study group that provides a safe and sacred space to learn and practice meditation and receive invaluable support in helping you integrate the qualities of love into everyday life.  It will also assist you to maintain a rhythm in your spiritual life and practice, and in living with even greater integrity, balance and love.

If you are interested please feel free to phone so you can ask questions and discuss the possibility with either Susan or Georgia.

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Dates 2017:  11 June.    20 August.    22 October.
Time:  10.15 am – 12.00 pm.  Followed by delicious homemade morning tea until 12.30pm.
Where:  Heartcentre by the Bay ~ Vincentia
Cost:  $25    Concession $20

A great way to experience what Heartcentre has to offer, and to join with others to delight and nourish your inner life with the sweet sounds of Georgia’s soulful songs, with a gentle meditation, and Rumi’s heart-stirring mystical poetry shared by Susan.

There are limited numbers so you will need to book, and also so we can set up the space for everyone.  Phone or email to book your place.
Telephone: 02 4441 7663
Mobile: 0414 660 085
Email: georgia@heartcentre.com.au

Remember that your heart is open to receive love, not just to give love.